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Audrey & Nazz
22 March 2017 @ 08:49 pm
17 March 2017
I got another Fudou Yukimitsu. I decided to hunt Monoyoshi Sadamune despite the odds and my poor level swords.

18 March 2017
I got Ishikirimaru from E4, Jiroutarchi, Otegine and another Ishikirimaru from E2. It seems that my luck was on E2 and I decided to put Monoyoshi search on hold to get Kogi or Iwatooshi from E2.

19 March 2017
I got my first Tonbokiri. It seems that their probability of dropping were higher if I did not think about it. After him, Fudou Yukimitsu decided to grace me with his drunken presence for the third time. I was already resigned that my luck had already bought me this far with all those special swords dropped for me earlier in the event. I still won't gave up though and I told myself my luck for this event will really run out if I got Kogi or Jiji (since I thought Iwatooshi was easier to get than both of them). Aaaaaannd.......Kogi dropped for me!!

I still push my luck though because I did not have anything to do for the rest of the event. I still hunted for Monoyoshi the next day,

20 March 2017
This was my last day to hunt Monoyoshi because I could only go online at night. I tried for 4-5 hours until none of my swords were able to bear it without breaking. It seems that Kogi was really my last bit of luck in this event. I got Shishiou on E4 as the last rare sword drop for this event.

This was my second event after start playing Touken Ranbu. My first event was Underground Treasurechest simplified 3. I was not able to finish all the 50th floor. I think I stuck on the 46 floor. In my defence, my swords were not strong enough and I started playing 3 days before the event ended. Over all, this event was great and a huge success for me because I got 2 set of kiwame items, I got many new swords and the event swords except for Monoyoshi. I hope I could do better in the next WTE.
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Audrey & Nazz
17 March 2017 @ 05:33 pm
I finally finished this event!! I was reloading my browser to get the notice for kiwame but....I did not get any notice. I was confused and looked up on wiki upgrade page and realize that I have not clear Ikedaya stage yet. Tskk...Anyway, I'm off to grind E2 again in hope to get Iwatoshi or Kogi. I'm still contemplating whether trying to go for Monoyoshi was worthwhile or not...(My poor...poor swords...I'm still newbie with low level of 48 so my swords were very much in need of repair) I do want to level up my tantous' for a little bit...I've read facebook page and event discussion that leveling kiwame sword was hell. I might level up my Imanotsurugi again (if I still have patience for that...) before sending him off to train (4 days..?! #sob...).

By the way, try making the sword on your team who, when he was a captain, often got lost. Mine was Ishikirimaru. His scouting was only 18 or 16 If I'm not mistaken. Every time he became captain he leads the team to resource nodes. The comparison was 2:2 for E2 map and all the time to L node on E4. On E3 map, I use many combinations until hitting it with 1 uchi, 2 waki and 3 tantou. 
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Audrey & Nazz
17 March 2017 @ 01:28 pm
16 March 2017
I just got my 10 days attending the event reward. Three more missions before getting my kiwame items. Please lady luck, smile upon me...#prays

My shishiou just reach toku level when I realize reaching toku made the sword health level full again. I just reach my 47 level. I'm currently on E2 again for the help token. I desperately need it...I tried to follow one advice to reach resource node on wiki comment and it worked!! I'll try it for E3 and E4 latter. For now, I'm going to hunt for help tokens :3
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