March 13th, 2017

Ryu-chan love~:3


I have been inactive for such a long time...
I remember I still have this account and will make it into my diary of some sort about my latest interest.
Right now, I play Touken Ranbu game. You must have heard about it. That game is famous and even have S2  of animation ongoing... I actually wanted to comment on the wiki page about the current event War Training Expansion 6 (WTC 6) sword drops...
I even made an account but, I don't understand how to comment on pages...Dumb right? -_____-
So...I just update here and maybe someone who's lucky enough will stumble upon my entries.
I will post my progress from the first day of WTC 6 after this.
Feel free to spread the words to others so they could get their child's home!!

Touken Ranbu WTE 6-DAY 1

08 March 2017

I just got a reward for 150 times shorties. I'm grinding my tantou's for my first kiwame (imanotsurugi...#fangirling) despite the scouting stat (the stat was 244) and my tantou dominated team, I always got the node's. I keep getting the boss node's and just thought, "at this rate, I will get that drunk sword... "and voila! He dropped...-_-"

I am not that lucky so I might only get him for this event (even though I'm attending this event for Akashi #cries)
We'll see whether I managed to get the other event swords...

--------------------------------time interval---------------------------------
This 2nd stage did drop rare swords. I almost got my 250 shorties reward and Hotarumaru dropped!! (#celebratory dance) It's one less sword that I want to collect.
Akashi papa

Touken Ranbu WTE 6-DAY 2

09 March 2017

Tsurumaru Kuninaga dropped on the E2 boss node when I'm halfway to get 350 shortie prize. I kind of see a pattern here...

Yesterday, halfway to 300 shortie prize I got Jiroutachi. Idk about others but, I personally love his style. He's very beautiful and has such cute and bratty personality despite being that big.

Anyway, I went to the stage 3 with my beloved Kashuu as the captain. I bought 2 uchigatana (Kashuu and Yamanbagiri), 3 wakizashi (Honebami Toushirou, Namazuo Toushirou, and Horikawa Kunihiro) and 1 tantou (Imanotsurugi). I actually wanted to complete the 3rd map to get the item for kiwame. However, I got the route to the boss node's again...(I'm starting to doubt tantou will have a chance to pass the bamboo thing...) It became a trend, at least for me, to keep hitting the boss node's until I got the event sword before I would be able to hit another route. The problem was my team low survival ability (noob here) so, I'm unsure of my probability to survive rounds and rounds on stage 3 without draining my resource to get Akashi. As I hit the boss node's (and have 4 of my sword halved their health before winning) I have another thought if only Akashi would drop, at least my resource would not be a complete waste. Fortunately for me, he dropped!! I thought he was going to be hell to grind because I looked at the comments on a wiki and there were many who searched for him. Beginners luck maybe? I just hope I will not have to get monoyoshi before I'm able to complete the E4 map...My swords will die...-_-" I like monoyoshi design but, I love imanotsurugi kiwame more.

I keep fighting on E3 because I was impatient and wanted to clear E3 as soon as possible. The kebiishi I fought was not that fast because My swords were able to go first and it was a painless win. Which was why it was surprising to get one of the kebiishi drop sword. When he dropped I was like "Ooo...I just got one of the ghost swords..." (I called Higekiri and Hizamaru that because they were very pale...) I got the Higekiri one.

I got Akashi and when I came back to the citadel, I got my reward for 400 times shortie. Higekiri dropped just after that.

As I predicted, after I got Akashi I can hit another route. Unfortunately for me, the route was different but still hitting the boss node's at the end of the route. I love stage 3 because I kept getting double attack from my swords <(^o^<)
Thank's to that I've finally reached level 40!!

I just realize that I've completed the Rai set :O
I hoped I would get the Samonji set after this (#prays).
My love

Touken Ranbu WTE 6-DAY 4

Day 4,  21:33 pm
After getting my 600 shortie reward, I got Doudanuki Masakuni...A new sword but, a burly one...He carried a red helmet which looked like a skull. I wonder what it signifies...

I continue to play until I got my 700 shortie reward but I got sleepy so, I'll continue fighting tomorrow...I do hope I will get Kotetsu Samonji or Jyuzumaru Tsunetsugu (even though the latter seemed unlikely...)
I just got frustrated a bit (ok, a lot...) because I could not go around E3 smoothly despite bringing 65+ level swords...In the end, I came back to grill those swords to E2 until they got 70+. I just hoped it will be enough to tackle E3 despite their poor survival rate...

The next day...
Still Day 4 of WTC 6,  23:24 pm (I used the time on WTC 6 wiki page to wrote my entries)
I got Taroutachi!! Wai2x..!! I got him after I got my 700 shortie prize. (My guess was I'm halfway to 750 shorties)
I think E2 Boss nodes loves me because I always got rare swords from that place.
I'm starting to get bored fighting in E2...
However, I realize that I need to get my swords level as high as possible in order to clear E3 without too much bloodshed...#sigh~
I got lucky and was able to increase my love (in case you did not read previous entry, it's Kashuu Kiyomitsu) and my imanotsurugi survival rate. #victory dance.
I know that increasing survival rate was hell (I read it on wiki comment pages) so, I'm glad I was able to increase their survival rate on the second try. I hoped the rate won't decrease after one success...#prays.
usagi honeeey~~~

Touken Ranbu WTE 6-DAY 5

I was just looking at the drop rate of rare swords from this site【5-4レア太刀掘り】三日月宗近ドロップしたので集計してみた

I try to guess which sword would drop next for my 800 shortie prize because I always got the rarest sword at 100 intervals. I thought it would be great if I got Jyuzumaru and from the rare sword list I don't really like Ichi-nii even though I love many of his little siblings...but then again I don't think I will get him.

I should have seen it coming...

The E2 Boss never dropped tantou's before...(at least for me) However, it kept dropping the awataguchi tantou's before #drum roll..!! He dropped! ( at approximately 1 am) Ichigo Hitofuri came accompanied by his brothers who dropped several times (midare, maeda, gokotai, yagen, akita, namazuo) before him. Nakigitsune also dropped several times. For your information, my team was Ishikirimaru (captain), Honebami, Midare, Maeda, Souza and Gokotai.
Snowman and me~

Touken Ranbu WTE 6-DAY 6

I was still playing furiously because I really wanted to at least have as many high leveled sword as possible (The double EXP time was limited after all...).

I got another Hotarumaru at 1:17 am. I wonder what happen to make me got rare drop near to each fight after I got Hotarumaru, got my 800 prizes...I guess Ichi-nii was my reward then...good bye Jyuzumaru...T__Y I hope I would be able to see you soon...
---------------------------------------time interval-------------------------------------

I got Koutetsu Samonji!! Banzai!! Now I got a full set of Samonji Brothers!! I'm so happy (///>w{C}It was 1:53 at the time...I think I was almost on 850 times shortie...I was just waiting for my swords to level up until 70 so he was a very big surprise! Even though the swords that I want to level up was already in their 65, I still took more than 1 hour to level them up until 70...-_-" I called him using his brother (Sayo). I was just switching Souza because of fatigue (Actually, I did not know what it was called when I saw the gloomy faces on the sword so I called it sulking until a week before knowing the proper name. By the time I knew, I was already used to called it sulking so I stick to that. XDDD). I think my team was Ishikirimaru (captain), Honebami, Midare, Sayo, Yagen and Gokotai.

I got my second taroutachi at 2:25
I wonder whether I hit the swords re-spawn time...If you read my previous post, you will notice I got my rare sword from 9 pm to 2 am. I also got Fudou at 9 to 10, I think...I played from 7 pm the day I got Fudou. I don't really remember the exact time he dropped but it won't exceed 10 pm (I only play Toudan at night).