April 4th, 2017

nappy time~~


So...Because things have quiet down in Touken Ranbu (for now...) I decided to test a new game. It was called Bungo to Alchemist in short BunAl. The mechanics are similar of Touken Ranbu so I was easy for me to catch up (because I'm on holiday). I'm currently at level 9 half way to 10. The level cap was not that high like in Touken Ranbu. The Alchemist (us) and the writers (in this game, it have writers not sword) level cap is 50. I think because this game is new (around the end of last year, I think...) they will of course add the level latter on. In this game my luck was stack heavily on transmigrating writers (similar to smithing in Touken Ranbu). The writers just won't reincarnate (similar to sword drop) every time I went to tainted book delve (similar to front line in Toudan)!! The wiki page was not complete yet so, I might help out a bit if I found something usefull.

I actually notice this game before but cast it aside because I did not have time before. I was curious though so I look up the wiki page and then read the main article. I saw instead of swords this game have writers. The only writer that immediatelly passed my mind was Edogawa Ranpo, a famous suspense writer (I love mystery and suspanse). I looked to the writer list and immediatelly saw Akutagawa Ryunosuke. He was also my favorite writer (He was called as Mikazuki Munechika of BunAl). I knew him because I ever watch XXX Holic anime back when I was in Junior High. There was a story in that anime called Spider Web. I was really good so I looked up to him and idolized him since then. Another name I knew was Natsume Souseki. I knew he was famous but I did not remember where I heard of him. In the end, I decided to give it a shot and played it.

I compiled list of writers which I want. There was not writer slot like Toudan (thankfully...) so I might be able to collect all writers (unless they decide to limit that to in the future). Bellow was the list of my target Writers.

ps: I got Munechika Jiji when I did not look for him so I decided to do that to Akutagawa