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Touken Ranbu WTE 6-DAY 1

08 March 2017

I just got a reward for 150 times shorties. I'm grinding my tantou's for my first kiwame (imanotsurugi...#fangirling) despite the scouting stat (the stat was 244) and my tantou dominated team, I always got the node's. I keep getting the boss node's and just thought, "at this rate, I will get that drunk sword... "and voila! He dropped...-_-"

I am not that lucky so I might only get him for this event (even though I'm attending this event for Akashi #cries)
We'll see whether I managed to get the other event swords...

--------------------------------time interval---------------------------------
This 2nd stage did drop rare swords. I almost got my 250 shorties reward and Hotarumaru dropped!! (#celebratory dance) It's one less sword that I want to collect.
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