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Touken Ranbu WTE 6-DAY 4

Day 4,  21:33 pm
After getting my 600 shortie reward, I got Doudanuki Masakuni...A new sword but, a burly one...He carried a red helmet which looked like a skull. I wonder what it signifies...

I continue to play until I got my 700 shortie reward but I got sleepy so, I'll continue fighting tomorrow...I do hope I will get Kotetsu Samonji or Jyuzumaru Tsunetsugu (even though the latter seemed unlikely...)
I just got frustrated a bit (ok, a lot...) because I could not go around E3 smoothly despite bringing 65+ level swords...In the end, I came back to grill those swords to E2 until they got 70+. I just hoped it will be enough to tackle E3 despite their poor survival rate...

The next day...
Still Day 4 of WTC 6,  23:24 pm (I used the time on WTC 6 wiki page to wrote my entries)
I got Taroutachi!! Wai2x..!! I got him after I got my 700 shortie prize. (My guess was I'm halfway to 750 shorties)
I think E2 Boss nodes loves me because I always got rare swords from that place.
I'm starting to get bored fighting in E2...
However, I realize that I need to get my swords level as high as possible in order to clear E3 without too much bloodshed...#sigh~
I got lucky and was able to increase my love (in case you did not read previous entry, it's Kashuu Kiyomitsu) and my imanotsurugi survival rate. #victory dance.
I know that increasing survival rate was hell (I read it on wiki comment pages) so, I'm glad I was able to increase their survival rate on the second try. I hoped the rate won't decrease after one success...#prays.
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