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Touken Ranbu WTE 6-DAY 5

I was just looking at the drop rate of rare swords from this site【5-4レア太刀掘り】三日月宗近ドロップしたので集計してみた

I try to guess which sword would drop next for my 800 shortie prize because I always got the rarest sword at 100 intervals. I thought it would be great if I got Jyuzumaru and from the rare sword list I don't really like Ichi-nii even though I love many of his little siblings...but then again I don't think I will get him.

I should have seen it coming...

The E2 Boss never dropped tantou's before...(at least for me) However, it kept dropping the awataguchi tantou's before #drum roll..!! He dropped! ( at approximately 1 am) Ichigo Hitofuri came accompanied by his brothers who dropped several times (midare, maeda, gokotai, yagen, akita, namazuo) before him. Nakigitsune also dropped several times. For your information, my team was Ishikirimaru (captain), Honebami, Midare, Maeda, Souza and Gokotai.
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