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Touken Ranbu WTE 6-DAY 6

I was still playing furiously because I really wanted to at least have as many high leveled sword as possible (The double EXP time was limited after all...).

I got another Hotarumaru at 1:17 am. I wonder what happen to make me got rare drop near to each fight after I got Hotarumaru, got my 800 prizes...I guess Ichi-nii was my reward then...good bye Jyuzumaru...T__Y I hope I would be able to see you soon...
---------------------------------------time interval-------------------------------------

I got Koutetsu Samonji!! Banzai!! Now I got a full set of Samonji Brothers!! I'm so happy (///>w{C}It was 1:53 at the time...I think I was almost on 850 times shortie...I was just waiting for my swords to level up until 70 so he was a very big surprise! Even though the swords that I want to level up was already in their 65, I still took more than 1 hour to level them up until 70...-_-" I called him using his brother (Sayo). I was just switching Souza because of fatigue (Actually, I did not know what it was called when I saw the gloomy faces on the sword so I called it sulking until a week before knowing the proper name. By the time I knew, I was already used to called it sulking so I stick to that. XDDD). I think my team was Ishikirimaru (captain), Honebami, Midare, Sayo, Yagen and Gokotai.

I got my second taroutachi at 2:25
I wonder whether I hit the swords re-spawn time...If you read my previous post, you will notice I got my rare sword from 9 pm to 2 am. I also got Fudou at 9 to 10, I think...I played from 7 pm the day I got Fudou. I don't really remember the exact time he dropped but it won't exceed 10 pm (I only play Toudan at night).
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