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Touken Diary-Edo Castle Infiltration Event

I've finished the event in 5 days if I'm not mistaken...I got Sengo easily. He was on my 3rd page on the ninth box. He was the third box that I opened. I also got travel kit on the same day. It's on the first page, 13th box. I found the rest of the kiwame items on my 4th day and managed to clear all the nodes on E4 8th times up until today. I only played the reset pass to meet the 7000 exp kunais' now. Thank's to them I managed to complete the sixth world map today! However...I could only brave through the 7-1 world for now. Why? Because....I need yari if I did not want to die on 7-2 map. Unfortunatelly, both of my Yari's are level 1...Yes, you read it correctly. They are level one which means months and months of training. Eventhough I managed to make them level 50 to 60 because of the current event I still need to level them up until level 90-95. Idk how many exp they need but my imanotsurugi needs 40.000 exp+ when he hit level 80 and by kashu needs 90.000 exp+ when he hit level 90 for every fricking level..!! DX So....Lots of work for me. I'll see you some time at the end of the year maybe Jyuzumaru...

PS: Imanotsurugi still won't drop and I think he won't for quite sometimes because I got hihi bros. I remember I read somewhere that one of the bro did not like him. I think that is why he play hide and seek with me. Thank's to that I won't be able to complete map 5 expedition.
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