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Touken Ranbu WTE 6-DAY 2

09 March 2017

Tsurumaru Kuninaga dropped on the E2 boss node when I'm halfway to get 350 shortie prize. I kind of see a pattern here...

Yesterday, halfway to 300 shortie prize I got Jiroutachi. Idk about others but, I personally love his style. He's very beautiful and has such cute and bratty personality despite being that big.

Anyway, I went to the stage 3 with my beloved Kashuu as the captain. I bought 2 uchigatana (Kashuu and Yamanbagiri), 3 wakizashi (Honebami Toushirou, Namazuo Toushirou, and Horikawa Kunihiro) and 1 tantou (Imanotsurugi). I actually wanted to complete the 3rd map to get the item for kiwame. However, I got the route to the boss node's again...(I'm starting to doubt tantou will have a chance to pass the bamboo thing...) It became a trend, at least for me, to keep hitting the boss node's until I got the event sword before I would be able to hit another route. The problem was my team low survival ability (noob here) so, I'm unsure of my probability to survive rounds and rounds on stage 3 without draining my resource to get Akashi. As I hit the boss node's (and have 4 of my sword halved their health before winning) I have another thought if only Akashi would drop, at least my resource would not be a complete waste. Fortunately for me, he dropped!! I thought he was going to be hell to grind because I looked at the comments on a wiki and there were many who searched for him. Beginners luck maybe? I just hope I will not have to get monoyoshi before I'm able to complete the E4 map...My swords will die...-_-" I like monoyoshi design but, I love imanotsurugi kiwame more.

I keep fighting on E3 because I was impatient and wanted to clear E3 as soon as possible. The kebiishi I fought was not that fast because My swords were able to go first and it was a painless win. Which was why it was surprising to get one of the kebiishi drop sword. When he dropped I was like "Ooo...I just got one of the ghost swords..." (I called Higekiri and Hizamaru that because they were very pale...) I got the Higekiri one.

I got Akashi and when I came back to the citadel, I got my reward for 400 times shortie. Higekiri dropped just after that.

As I predicted, after I got Akashi I can hit another route. Unfortunately for me, the route was different but still hitting the boss node's at the end of the route. I love stage 3 because I kept getting double attack from my swords <(^o^<)
Thank's to that I've finally reached level 40!!

I just realize that I've completed the Rai set :O
I hoped I would get the Samonji set after this (#prays).

Touken Ranbu WTE 6-DAY 1

08 March 2017

I just got a reward for 150 times shorties. I'm grinding my tantou's for my first kiwame (imanotsurugi...#fangirling) despite the scouting stat (the stat was 244) and my tantou dominated team, I always got the node's. I keep getting the boss node's and just thought, "at this rate, I will get that drunk sword... "and voila! He dropped...-_-"

I am not that lucky so I might only get him for this event (even though I'm attending this event for Akashi #cries)
We'll see whether I managed to get the other event swords...

--------------------------------time interval---------------------------------
This 2nd stage did drop rare swords. I almost got my 250 shorties reward and Hotarumaru dropped!! (#celebratory dance) It's one less sword that I want to collect.
Ryu-chan love~:3


I have been inactive for such a long time...
I remember I still have this account and will make it into my diary of some sort about my latest interest.
Right now, I play Touken Ranbu game. You must have heard about it. That game is famous and even have S2  of animation ongoing... I actually wanted to comment on the wiki page about the current event War Training Expansion 6 (WTC 6) sword drops...
I even made an account but, I don't understand how to comment on pages...Dumb right? -_____-
So...I just update here and maybe someone who's lucky enough will stumble upon my entries.
I will post my progress from the first day of WTC 6 after this.
Feel free to spread the words to others so they could get their child's home!!
blue haze


after a long...long time of hiatus I desided to update again. Many of my friends are now on dreamwidth now and I think I've made account there too which I never update. I think it was back in 2012 or something. Anyway...I'm adding friends again now and going to update this journal sporadically. Nowadays I just become a silent lurker, comment here and there and totally not chatting with my old friends who I have no idea whether they are still in lj or not. I dont have anything valuable in this journal so if you just wanna chat just pm or comment. Ciao`!
blue haze

Who have FF?!!

We are superbly bored and idk what to do these days
Actually I have many things to do and so does Nazz but well if we get bored and wanna seat back for a while before continuing our activity we need something to cheer us up!!
We love reading so muchie!! ♥♥♥
And because of that we decided to make this post! ( Cause we don't have much time to go search into another person journal often anymore :((( )
anyone who have ff if u have time please kindly comment and we will check it out!!

Collapse )
Well our current fav pairings are :

Yamajima (seriously we read a lot of them...!!)
Takayama (We found this pairing quite attach us )
Inobu (is loved ♥♥♥ )
Chitaro (cause they are so cute together ♥♥♥ )

Pairing that we often read :

Yamachii (cause many yamachii lovers who spread it wide XDD)
Yamajima (We've said it, we read a lot of them...)
Tadaiki (we found quite many of tadaiki fics :))
Okajima (they are surely fit together ♥♥♥ )
Yabuhika (um....dunno what to say #get wacked )

Rare pairing that we wanna read :/

Dairyu ( we love this pair ♥♥♥ they are our greatest otp after all~ tehee but it's hard to find this pair....#sob....sob..#
Arijima ( it's hard to find it ╥﹏╥ I read a lot of arijima today btw but I want to read more!! DX )
Hikato (we only know 2 person writing this pair #sigh)
Dainoo (we only read this pair once in our live time!! #faint)
Yabuyama ( we only read this once to in my live and it's in a silent reader mode...I will comment and say sorry to the person who write it :(( )
Takachii (we read 5 takachii fic and found it attach me!! ♥♥♥ we do marathon read in someones journal and commenting ofc~~ Idk who's the writer but she's good!!)
Okamori ( we only read this twice in a fic and in a comic!! My friend make a short comic of okamori and it's so cute!! Really good drawing skill!! ♥♥♥ you can check on her journal jacksei she's been through a lot so I really appreciate if you introduce yourself properly before adding yo! )
Takajima ( we only read this once too)
Yamaryu ( we read 3 or 4 fic with this pair and we kind of like it XDD )

Never read pair but would love to if there's someone write it out there!! :

Okayama ( We never read this one but we wonders about it hard! Owo)
Okachii ( read it today at 10 pm and on v-day XDD )
Hikadai ( this pair is rather being hinted so it's not really count as read fully...is it?? )
Takanoo ( we actually founds it but when we found it I am currently in inobuu mode. And nazz is in yamachii mode soo...#go out )
Yabumori ( this one is also hinted #sigh )
Yabuchii (never read and wonders about it...+__+ )
Takabuu ( we never read this pair, and realize this pair when we made this post )
Inomori (this pair just pop out from my mind, I read once but hinted also )
Hikamori (hinted...)
Etc~~~ #tired of writing

A/N: we're listing all possible and impossible pairing in jump~~~(#jumps around)

It's all Hsj
I not yet started to read many from other group
But I would love to read it if it's good!! ♥♥♥
Don't worry we are a multy fandom girl so you don't have to be affraid to comment! :))
Just comment and we will turn you journal up side down XDD
Be aware cause we gonna spamming your journal with comment
#get smacked
We are not often be a silent reader so if we read we surely commenting
We don't mind chaptered fics at all!!

A/N : nazz is still under age yo! So tell us the rating #wink~
(Well she sometimes read it despite the rating :/ and I can't win to her so watch out people!! )
And we just realize that we've made a really long list O__o
And this list can be changes as what our mood going :p
Thank you!! :)))))) ♥♥♥